Legend'z Are Born Here

IT-Legend'z is an IT company based in Armenia.

Learn one of the most demanding professions

By attending our courses you will gain relevant knowledge in the field, specialize in the IT field and acquire one of the most important professions of the century.

Do Your Best With Us

Our company is dedicated to deliver complete IT solutions.

Our Services


Our team uses innovative and practical web development technologies that will serve to find the best solution for each project. With us you can make your "dreams" reality.


Our web designers will breathe new life into your site by making it unique and memorable to promote your business.


Our mission is to introduce students the latest IT technologies by providing them with complete web tutorials.

Courses (Kids)

For kids we offer very interesting and innovative tutorials were the materials are based on mixture of game and knowledge.

With us you will save your money and time.

About Our Name

Legend is not a word that you can put in everywhere.

We are a very Loyal team that gives Liberation to our customers in terms of what they want. We do not have Limits.
Our Effective and Efficient work will get you through your destination very quickly and Easy.
We do not only set Goals we achieve them. We are very Gentle to both our customers and employees, we show our Gratitude to them.
We are Eager to do more and not stay in the same level. Our Energetic work will give you Excitement.
New strategy, New breath, New light to every project.
We Desire to work harder and harder every single. We are not retreating we are advancing in another Direction. Trust us we will not Disappoint you.

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